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A Mumbai based production house specializing in Television Commercials, Corporate Films and Film Production


Abstract Films is a Mumbai based production house specializing in Television Commercials, Corporate Films and Film Production. Mumbai is one of 3 top hubs of film production globally today. From independent cutting-edge cinema to mainstream mega-budget Bollywood blockbusters; to being the hub of the advertising industry in India, and increasingly, Asia, you will find it all here. Some of the best technicians, talent, post studios, and film studios are located in Mumbai.

Abstract Films is a young and dynamic production house operating at the confluence of this Mumbai scene. The core team is hugely experienced, with experiences ranging from music video to daily soaps to advertising agency to feature films.

Our pool of directorial talent is pretty evolved, creating ads and films that showcase stunning visual effects, hard-hitting performances and full scale animation films.

After carving a niche in the Indian industry, Abstract is now looking to service good agencies and production house partners globally. We would like to help companies across the world leverage Indian talent and location options as a hardworking and honest partner they would like to do business with.

Our Team

Bijoy Dowerah

Executive Producer

He’s got a huge appetite for all things queer – food, people and stories. If he looks lost, it’s only because his mind is processing a flashback or he is finding a story in you.

His 18 years of advertising career was spent in Rediffusion Dentsu Young & Rubicam and Contract Advertising . Some of the brands he’s worked with are Colgate Palmolive, Citibank, Cadbury, Maruti, Tata Indicom, Asian Paints, Dominos, Samsonite.

Maxen Chakalakal

Executive Producer

Abstract films can never face a technical glitch because it is blessed with superpowers of an in-house software engineer. A wanderer by heart, Maxen found his passion in film production after spending couple of years in the software business. His level of experience varies from handling music video, ad films to feature films. Post a brief stint with ad agency Contract Advertising he decided to take the plunge. Some of the brands he’s worked with are Microsoft, Damas, Olay, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Lifebuoy, Colgate Palmolive, Cadbury, Maruti, Tata Indicom and Asian Paints.

Srijani Saha

Assistant Director

She has been in love with movies and Bollywood since childhood. Murakami is her soul companion. When not weaving stories and visuals in the head, and beyond day-dreaming and surfing travel blogs, she is busy thinking about what to eat next..

Rakesh Sharma

Line Producer

Rakesh came to Mumbai from Nainpur with dreams of performing in front of the camera but ended up specialising at the other side of it. Sole vegetarian soul of the team, Rakesh is a bollywood movies freak.
A hard worker at work and an easy player in cricket.

We Combine Passion & Professionalism, for you.


Indian & International

Vishal Mangalorkar can be as funny directing a spot for Mentos as he can be passionate with a beauty film for Lux.
He retains a sharp aesthetic style, and enjoys directing commercials with a strong visual impact. His films are a mix of humor, style, original narration, immaculate art direction, stunning cinematography and great subtle performances. In 2013 his activation film for Lifebuoy won over 50 international awards including Cannes Lion, Clio and the Grand Prix at Effie’s.
If he is not shooting, you will find him scuba diving.


Cinema was a passion right from the start. His journey began as a little kid who loved watching films and got mesmerized by the story on the big screen. He loves to experiment and explore different possibilities. He believes that the same story can be treated completely differently and told through different perspectives.


Niddhish started his creative career with copy writing for brands. He has executed more than 50 TV Commercials - and has held different roles in advertising, he was a VP - Content Strategist, a Creative Director and recently Head of Production for BBH . Apart from executing several different genre of content for brands, he has also written and directed a bollywood feature length film - a psychological thriller starring Arshad Warsi, Juhi Chawla. His interests include Psychology, Philosophy, Music and Contemporary art.



Jeremy Goodall has established himself as a Director and Cinematographer, and is found at the top of the preferred lists for influential international agencies. His strong eye for detail and capturing beautiful imagery has allowed him to cleverly interpret story lines with pace and excitement.
“I love the challenge of perfecting every project that comes my way and I feel that my experience is a great asset,” says Jeremy.


Moving to directing was the most exciting challenge. She knew that combining her art direction style with performance would bring a whole new dimension to her work. Her style is detailed, ‘quirky’, ‘unique’ and she seem to encourage wonderful performance from people, especially women. She always wants to push her work further into the dialogue and comedy areas, and of course you get her ‘look’ thrown in, thats just part of the deal.


It’s been 7 years since he started enjoying his independent hand at ad film making. It has been a wonderfully enriching journey so far in which he has been fortunate enough to have touched almost every genre with equal enthusiasm and comfort. Though characterization, performance, and drama is something that he enjoys the most in films, he is of strong belief that adding value to the communication in inevitable while translating the text to audio visual, without distorting the sactity of the core idea.



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